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Monthly Spiritual Awareness Classes
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Designed to give you the tools necessary to create and prepare uniquely delicious meals for yourself, family and friends.
Learn to be yourself, natural, and free from all the counterfeit personality traits carried on from your past.
The Ultimate Waste Loss Cleansing Retreat for Mental, Physical and Emotional Balance.
In our spiritual awareness classes we reintroduce you to yourself, that stranger within.  Ninety-nine percent of people would like to think that they are in awareness, but awareness has nothing to do with one's thinking abilities. True awareness is a state of being with peace, harmony, and balance as the by- products. We are Health Ministers and Spiritual Nutritionist/Surgeons. We help you go inside the hidden chambers of the soul where true healing takes place. You will come to understand things about yourself that have been buried, blocked and covered up by your conditionings. We help you remove the viruses from your spiritual computer (your mind), and have it working for you rather than against you. Becoming total in awareness seems difficult in the beginning, but it is not impossible for anyone to obtain, if they are willing to let go of the old and step into the new. This journey into Awareness requires only two things; relaxing and letting go. However, relaxing and letting go can be a task for some if they don't know how. Knowing comes with doing.  Let us show you how. This is not spirituality as you may have been taught. For us, spirituality is the state of being yourself, natural, and free, free from all the counterfeit personality traits carried on from our past, being lived out in our present. It takes courage to be yourself. Submit your email address and we will keep you informed about our spiritual nutrition classes.
© All Rights Reserved Divine Health Retreat Center | 24879 Samoset Trail, Southfield, MI 48033, 248-945-0267 The Divine Health Retreat Center is located in Southfield Michigan and is easily accessible from other cities in the Metro Detroit area including, but not limited to Beverly Hills, Bloomfield, Birmingham, Clawson, Farmington Hills, Ferndale, Franklin, Lathrup Village, Novi, Oak Park, Royal Oak, Troy, and Warren. The Divine Health Retreat Center provides many wholistic health services which include ear coning, dry blood cell analysis, Biomat, Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, full nervous system application, food preparation classes, spiritual awareness classes.
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